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September is Animal Pain Awareness Month and we want to remind you guys that you're not alone at home. We love your furry friends here at The Remedy Pharm! Just like we customize medications for humans, we customize medication for your pets, as well. I'm talking dogs, cats, horses even! So if you ever need something customized/personalized for your pet, we can do that for you.

We can turn capsules, tablets, and oral liquids into topical creams and gels, that can be absorbed just as well so if you're finding it’s really hard to give them medicine definitely keep that in mind – we even make suppositories!

Somethings I want you to know is that pain is different in all animals. And basically, if your animal is in pain, they may be displaying symptoms that are not their norm so it might be time to see your veterinarian.

For example, if your dog is usually calm and you know enjoys being around other people and all of a sudden, they're biting and snapping, that could be an unusual behavior for your pets. Things like bowel habits, eating habits, and sleeping habits change too. Even breathing rates can change too, especially heart rates in horses - they say it can be correlated with pain as well.

Anything from even avoiding bright lights, believe it or not, can be an unusual sign of pain in pets. When you see a pet licking a specific area so much that it's tearing through they're skin, they’re literally trying to lick their wounds which could be another symptom of pain.

All of these things are signs that you should contact your veterinarian. We work with vets all the time to bring medicine to you and your pets. So definitely give us a call if there’s anything out of the norm, anything you want, medicine that you need and you don't know where else to turn to. We would love to talk to you and be able to help you out!

Also, flavoring is not an issue. Let us know if your pet loves beef, chicken, fish, or even liver - we can make it for you guys.

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Health Minute Ep 22: Animal Pain Awareness