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Some people lose hair as they get older, and some people shed hair throughout their whole life. Less than half of women go through life with a full head of hair and a majority of men experience some type of hair loss. But what causes hair loss and what can you take to help with hair growth?

Poor nutrition and vitamin deficiencies are actually major factors for hair loss. Hormone levels and stress as you get older also contribute to hair loss, but there are vitamins you can take to help support healthy hair growth.

Like with skin, there are intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect the hair follicle. Intrinsic factors may include genetic and epigenetic mechanisms and extrinsic factors may include smoking and UV radiation.

  • FISH OIL: Omega-3 fats supports and nourishes hair thickening and reduces inflammation that can lead to hair loss
  • ZINC is a potent hair follicle health regression and accelerates recovery; it is involved with important functional activities in the hair follicle.
  • B-COMPLEX VITAMIN (BIOTIN & B5): Biotin rebuilds hair shingles that have been damaged from over-shampooing (yes, it’s possible to wash your hair too much), sun exposure, and heat-product exposure (blow-dry and irons). Vitamin B5 stimulates hair growth.
  • VITAMIN C plays a role in all aspects of your body’s health so it’s no surprise it’s beneficial for hair growth as well. Vitamin C fights oxidative stress that contributes to aging such as hair graying and loss.
  • IRON: studies show that women with an iron deficiency are at a higher risk of hair loss
  • VITAMIN D is a hormone known to help the body grow at a cellular level and hair follicles are highly sensitive to hormones.

If you’re looking for more natural ways, Rosemary Essential Oil is believed to increase cellular metabolism to stimulate hair growth and aloe vera gel contains tons of vitamins and minerals known for health, beauty, medicinal and skin health.

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