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Bleach may kill germs fast but it’s more harmful to your skin than you realize if you don’t use it right. Follow these tips when cleaning with bleach:

  • DON’T USE IT TO CLEAN EVERYTHING – bleach is strong and best kept for using only for extreme circumstances such as cleaning up body fluids (blood, poop, vomit) and whitening laundry
  • DON’T MIX WITH AMMONIA – it’ll form a toxic gas which can damage tissue in your eyes, throat, nose and lungs
  • DON’T MIX WITH ACIDS – when you mix it with vinegar, drain cleaner or anything acidic, chlorine gas forms and it’s dangerous to breathe in much of it
  • DON’T PUT TOO MUCH IN YOUR LAUNDRY – bleach works wonders as a stain remover but don’t overuse it, don’t pour it directly on your clothes, and don’t use it for spandex, wool, silk or leather.
  • DON’T CLEAN YOUR PHONE WITH IT – bleach can damage the screen’s fingerprint-resistant coating
  • DON’T USE IT ON METAL – bleach is corrosive. It can eat away at metal surfaces
  • DON’T USE AN OLD BOTTLE – bleach mixed with water only lasts 24 hours! Pure bleach is good for up to 3-5 months if properly stored away in a cool places away from sun, but always toss it after 1 yr from the date it was made.
  • DON’T USE IT ON FOOD – never use it to wash your fruits and vegetables but you can use a bleach mix with water to clean utensils and countertops if needed
  • DO PROTECT YOURSELF – cover your skin and airways; bleach can damage your clothes and even burn your skin if it’s strong
  • DO AIR OUT THE SPACE – open doors and windows if you’re using bleach and be extra careful if you have allergies or health conditions that makes it hard to breathe such as Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • DO USE WATER FIRST – always try soap and water to clean first as bleach can’t power through dust and dirt. Use your bleach mix after cleaning and let it air dry

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