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Poop. There, we said it. It’s not the most glamorous topic by any means it’s important to know how to keep your bowel movements going and what you can do if you’re not going. There are many factors that can disrupt your bowel movements including poor gut health, eating habits, and stress, but a healthy person should poop at least once a day.

If you’re having fewer bowel movements, experiencing pain or constipation, try these easy and natural tips from gut health experts or schedule a free consultation with one of our in-house Gut Health experts.

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule – changes in sleep patterns can affect our circadian rhythm which controls our sleep/wake cycles as well as our digestion so sleeping at the same time every night can help maintain regularity.
  2. Take a probiotic supplement – this helps manage constipation by increasing good bacteria. If you need help selecting the right one for your body, we can help.
  3. Try intermittent fasting – fasting will reset your body which can help to regulate digestion as well.

If you’re still struggling with constipation or any other gut health problems, schedule a free nutritional consultation with our gut health experts. Complimentary 15 min consultations can be done over the phone or in person at our compounding pharmacy in South Bay, CA.

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