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We start with growing and sourcing the highest quality herbs, timing their harvest precisely and selecting only the most medicine-rich plant parts. For those herbs we don’t grow ourselves, our worldwide network of organic growers and wild crafters is thoroughly committed to upholding our rigorous standards.

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Remedy Pharm Label

For over three decades, Vitality Works has strived to provide leading edge medicinal supplements of the highest quality, purity and potency. We offer an unmatched expertise in direct sourcing of botanicals that sets us apart from other companies. Our meticulous attention to detail and consistency of the manufacturing process has given us an impeccable reputation for quality that we work very hard to maintain.

Our mission is and always has been to improve the health and well-being of individuals and the planet by offering the highest quality and most responsibility produced medicinal herbs & supplements.

This would not be possible without the unwavering dedication and commitment to certain core values that shape how we do business with our vendors, this gets passed down to our customers by bringing them the highest quality products possible.