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Standard Process

Since 1929, Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy introduced by Dr. Royal Lee. Discover just how resilient your body can be when given the proper nutrition. Our manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished product, takes an average of six weeks. Throughout the process, raw materials are handled in a carefully controlled environment and tested for quality. Each process is precision designed to preserve nutrients in raw materials.

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Since 1991, Bluebonnet has found inner power in the best that nature and science have to offer – uniting them in a way that is innovative, honest, and sustainable. This inner power ensures that Bluebonnet provides the most pure, potent, high-quality natural nutritional supplements available. It also leads to healthier, more fulfilling lives – for us as a company, as well as for you, our customer. This inner power is evidence of our passion for living. It cannot be measured, only experienced...inside every Bluebonnet supplement.

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Our formulas have been used and trusted by thousands of practitioners and patients nationwide for over 20 years. We are diligent about finding the best raw materials, and our exacting standards of quality, purity, and efficacy are driving more practitioners and patients to us every day. Like you, we want results.

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Wiley’s Fish Oil

All of our Wiley’s Finest fish oils are sourced from sustainable, USA wild caught fish, caught by US registered vessels in American waters. Typically, about 95% or more of our fish oil is from Alaska Pollock, and about 5% or less of our fish oil is from Pacific Whiting.

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Biotics Research

For over 30 years, Biotics Research Corporation has been manufacturing and guaranteeing its nutritional supplements for quality, consistent reliability and clinical results. The mission of Biotics Research Corporation is to be the benchmark of excellence in nutritional science, technology and service, providing the clinician with reliable, innovative products of superior quality and the highest level of customer service.

We partner with some of the highest quality companies in the industry. This allows us to offer our customers products we feel are top of the line. Why? Simple: Because we care. We care about our customers and want to help people live the healthiest versions of themselves.