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Telehealth (aka telemedicine) has been increasingly popular this year due to Covid-19 for humans as it allows us to visit a doctor from the comfort of our homes 24/7, but it has also taken on a new role for pets as well. More pet owners are turning to telehealth services for animal health care as many veterinarian’s offices are not allowing pet-owners to accompany their pets inside as a precaution during this pandemic. Understandably so, it’s still hard to not be by our pets side when they need us most.

Although many procedures require the physical presence of the pet, virtual examinations still allow vets to notice any issues with a pet and makes simple services like a booster shot more convenient through telemedicine.

The American Veterinary Medical Association urged vets to consider telehealth, calling it "an important way to protect and monitor the health of veterinary patients and veterinary teams."

The rise in telehealth for pets isn’t solely due to the limited contact allowed at a vets office though. Since people are spending more time at home, they’re spending more time with their furry little friends and noticing things they may have always been there, but they just weren’t around enough to notice. Common concerns teledocs are seeing include upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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