Thoughts with Lala

Weekly sessions on current psychological, mental and physical health issues as well as tips to getting through this pandemic.

Tuesday Thoughts with Lala, Ep 2: Fear, Change, Depression, and Anxiety

In this interview with The Remedy Pharm Pharmacist, Aamina Mirza Shah [Pharm D. MBA] and Lala Tagiyeva [Licensed Therapist], we discuss two common fears during this pandemic and how an empathic understanding can help better the community overall, as well as symptoms of depression vs. anxiety and tips to pull yourself out of that before reaching the point of seeking professional help.

New Interview Series: Thoughts w/ Aamina Mirza Shah, Pharm.D MBA & Lala Tagiyeva, Licensed Therapist

In this new interview series, The Remedy Pharm's Pharmacist In Charge, Aamina Mirza Shah, and Licensed Therapist, Lala Tagiyeva, discuss current issues on what's going on in society today, specifically in regards to physical and mental health issues.

In this episode, Lala discusses some of the important things to keep in mind with all the stress going on during this pandemic, including uncertainty, how humans deal with it, and why it affects us.

"Normal" as we know it has changed and we must remember to prioritize self-care once in a while. If you're struggling, it's ok to take a break. It's ok to want time just for yourself and it's ok to not be ok. Lean on your community for support. We're also here for you.

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